Sensational Race Win puts Coldenhoff on Second Step of the Podium in Sardinia Created: 2023-03-26

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP’s Glenn Coldenhoff finished second overall at the second round of the FIM Motocross World Championship in Riola-Sardo, Sardinia, with a stunning win in Race Two. Teammates Maxime Renaux and Jeremy Seewer also put in impressive performances, with Renaux overcoming adversity to finish fourth overall and Seewer pushing hard all weekend, despite some mistakes, to finish sixth.

The MXGP of Sardinia was a grueling test of skill and endurance for the world’s top motocross riders. The sandy surface made for a challenging track that deteriorated with each passing lap, forcing the riders to dig deep and push themselves to the limit.

In the opening race, Seewer showed his trademark speed off the line, launching out of the gate and taking the Fox Holeshot ahead of his competitors. However, he was quickly overtaken by Jorge Prado, who made a hasty move at turn two to take the lead.

Seewer withstood the pressure from his teammate Coldenhoff for the first ten laps before tucking the front on the landing of the finish line jump and going over the ‘bars. At the same time, Coldenhoff backed off the pace to conserve energy and eventually faded to fifth, while Seewer showed incredible resilience, quickly jumping to his feet to rejoin the race in sixth.

Meanwhile, Renaux made an impressive surge through the field after a mid-pack start and a crash on lap four. The ‘959’ showcased his determination and skill as he caught up to Vlaanderen and Herlings, to challenge for second place on the final lap but ultimately ran out of time and had to settle for a fourth-place finish ahead of Coldenhoff and Seewer in fifth and sixth.

In Race Two, Coldenhoff took a bold approach and went for broke. He started strong and quickly passed Seewer at the second turn. From there, the ‘Flying 259’ rode flawlessly and secured his first win of the season.

At the same time, Renaux put up a strong fight for second place against two former MXGP World Champions, Jeffrey Herlings and Romain Febvre. Although he finished between the two, in third place, the young Frenchman proved that he could hold his own against some of the sport’s most seasoned veterans.

Overall, Race Two was an exciting display of skill and determination from all the riders involved, including Seewer, who battled the conditions and his rivals to finish seventh.

Making a positive step in the right direction , Renaux has moved up to third in the MXGP Championship Standings, while Coldenhoff has been bumped up to fifth. At the same time, Seewer moved up two spots to eighth.

The team now looks forward to round three of the FIM Motocross World Championship that will take place in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, on April 8th and 10th.

Glenn Coldenhoff

2nd MXGP of Sardinia, 41-points

5th MXGP Championship Standings, 78-points

“I felt good here this weekend. In the first moto, I was in third position behind my teammate (Seewer) and decided to wait for the other riders to get tired before I would push, but at a track like this, this strategy didn’t work out. It was much better to do what I did in the second moto and go all-in right from gate drop. Like this, I was able to get into my flow, and control the race for the win, which is always great. It’s also nice to do this at round two. I’m really happy with how everything is going.”

Maxime Renaux

4th MXGP of Sardinia, 38-points

3rd MXGP Championship Standings, 75-points

“I am a bit frustrated to come so close to the podium but only finished fourth. But, looking at the bigger picture, we still put some good points on the board. I am still not 100% physically and still trying to build, so that will be the focus leaving here. I hope to be back at 100% soon and pushing for GP wins.”

Jeremy Seewer 

6th MXGP of Sardinia, 29-Points

8th MXGP Championship Standings, 57-points

“This is Riola, one of the toughest GP’s of the year, and for me, my result on paper is not even close to what I am looking for. But, all in all, I had the pace. I did everything I could, I wasn’t “off” or anything, I was still up there battling up front, but something didn’t click. I gave all I had. I rode well, I enjoyed the track but I think the others were running a good pace too and maybe taking more risks. Still, I took solid points, and I am just looking forward to the next rounds now.”

Crazy weather at the MXGP of France

Crazy weather at the MXGP of France

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP’s Glenn Coldenhoff finished second overall at the second round of the FIM Motocross World Championship…



Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP’s Glenn Coldenhoff finished second overall at the second round of the FIM Motocross World Championship…